Verify ownership of your site for Pinterest

To verify your site for Pinterest you have to supply a verification code to you site that the Pinterest servers will look for upon verifying your site. You do that in the Site Structure / Menu - Settings section. Scroll down and you will find the Pinterest area.

In your Pinterest account you should follow these instructions to get your verification code. or follow these brief instructions:

  1. Click your name in the profile menu to go to your profile
  2. Click the pencil icon on your profile
  3. Add your website to the Website field
  4. Click Verify Website
  5. Click Verify with a meta tag

When you see the  instructions for implementing the verification code you simply mark the the entire meta tag ( as illustrated in picture ) and copy it.

Go back to the BRIGHTBRIX® Web Producer Site Structure / Menu - Settings section as described in the beginning of this how-to and paste the entire meta tag into the field named Pinterest SiteVerification. 

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