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Using this tool will make you feel that you master the internet. It provides you with the latest techniques and if you are a master of Photoshop, this is for you.

A Web Producer

BRIGHTBRIX® Web Producer is a cloud based Layout and Content modeling software. It is designed for web designers and is technically and visually developed with the board game Othello's bold slogan "It takes a minute to learn but a life time to master" in mind. That said, I would like to clarify, it is not difficult, it is powerful.

Is it a CMS? Well yes, you could use that to describe its functionality to adhere to present terminology but we would like to call it a Web Producer as it models, shapes and dynamically retrieves information from the web for the web. Your information will be available to any device you seem fit according to our Available Internet process. Try it out.


Begin by importing a site template in the Wizard section. Then you just click your way to success. Oh, right! Instead of a menu system you reach all functionality via right-click-menus.

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